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The most devoted fans on planet hockey can’t get enough of their team. So we took one of the Canadiens’ most famous supporters, Jay Baruchel, and turned him into a superstalker to help explain to the faithful that they can now, “Get closer to the team. Legally.” Videos drive traffic to Club1909.com, our fan platform, where we’re launching the Home Ice Program: allowing fans worldwide to have their actual names in\u00a0Bell Centre ice for the playoffs.<\/p>\n","videos":[{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/_8wrY4MuX1I","title":"Wakeup Call"},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/qO_rhetMmWc","title":"The Shower"},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/NIq1JPf85wA","title":"The Redecorator"},{"url":"https:\/\/youtu.be\/5pb0kbv8Nj4","title":"The Painting"}]}