Our newest series with Vans wanted to give viewers the necessary tips to make life just a little bit easier. In “How to Do Everything in The World<\/a>“, Gavin shares some advice that is \u00a0sometimes valid information, sometimes total bullshit, and sometimes a combination of the two.\u00a0For a full run of the series, including\u00a0previous work with the iconic sneaker brand,<\/em>\u00a0check out offthewall.tv.

 <\/p>\n","videos":[{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/loewtvw8i4Q","title":"How To Drink - The Secrets to Good Bar Etiquette"},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/MG5p6v_4AnM","title":"How To Fight - When You're Not a Fighter"},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/E6c0OO5jJbc","title":"Off The Wall Comedy Show - The Bird Calls of Virginia Beach"},{"url":"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=yh23vf_JW-w","title":"Off The Wall Comedy Show - Surf Food"}]}