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We created a mini docu-series called Streets and Avenues, and it\u2019s a veritable love letter to our great cultural capital. Watch our favorite NYC staples \u2013 Luis Tolentino and Dave Ortiz, amongst others \u2013 weave tales of their trials and triumphs in the city that never sleeps, and experience New York come to life through some of her best denizens.<\/em><\/p>\n","videos":[{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/zEb0p3BhnKQ","title":"Streets & Avenues Trailer"},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/iTBYJRG6Lcg","title":"Austin Horse"},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/veZnkOBupsU","title":"Luis Tolentino"},{"url":"http:\/\/youtu.be\/v14_TsKWFJ8","title":"Dave Ortiz"}]}